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Skin Care Tips to Revive Dull Winter Skin
Rebecca Lu, MD, FAAD
Mohs and Dermatologic Surgeon

Now that spring is finally around the corner, it’s time to revive that dull winter skin.  Harsh winter weather, freezing winds, and low humidity wreak havoc on the skin. Check out these skincare tips to brighten and rejuvenate your skin in time for spring!

  1. Exfoliate- Exfoliation is critical for sloughing off the layer of dead skin that accumulates on the skin’s surface, diffusing light to make your complexion look dull and tired.  Look for a gentle product that contains microbeads, and avoid harsh ingredients, such as apricot or walnut shell, that could irritate the skin even more. Products with glycolic acid are great for daily chemical exfoliation without harsh scrubbing.
  2. Moisturize- Now that your skin is exfoliated and primed, it can better absorb a moisturizer.  Look for a product that contains a humectant, which will attract and retain moisture, such hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or ceramides.  Everyone should have a morning moisturizer that has SPF 15 or higher.
  3. Vitamin C- Not the kind you swallow, but topical vitamin C serum is a powerful antioxidant that helps to brighten and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, redness, and brown spots.  It also boosts the skin’s own defense system to protect against UV damage and helps your sunscreen work better.  
  4. Chemical Peels- For effective and intensive rejuvenation, chemical peels are often the best solution.  They work by causing the top layer of the skin to slough and flake off, revealing brighter, clearer, more radiant skin.  There are various types of chemical peels, but they are not appropriate for all skin types.  Please see your dermatologist or skin care specialist to see which chemical peel is best for you.
  5. Laser facial- The Clear+BrilliantⓇ laser is a cutting-edge device that resurfaces the skin to fight the early signs of aging with minimal downtime, and improves skin tone, uneven pigmentation, and enlarged pores to visibly illuminate and brighten your complexion.  It is perfect for working or busy people who cannot afford to hide for days after a treatment.  Not only is it good for the skin surface, it also stimulates your body to make new collagen (neocollagenesis) so it has long term benefits as well.  
Dr. Rebecca Lu is a board-certified dermatologist with an office located at 7 Mt Bethel Rd in Warren, NJ.  Dr. Lu specializes in skin cancer, skin cancer treatments, laser treatments, as well as cosmetic dermatology to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage. The office also carries a suite of skin care products, including award-winning Jan Marini and SkinMedica, to banish winter weather skin problems.  Please visit our website or call (908) 787-8088 for an appointment to discuss your skincare goals.