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5 Must-Haves for Summer Fun

Dr. Lu offers her personal recommendations for protecting your skin and your family's skin from the strong rays of the summer sun.


  • SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum protection, and apply 20 minutes before heading out
  • Make sure to apply an adequate amount, which is about 1 oz (shot glass) to cover entire body. Don’t forget ears and top of the feet.
  • No sunscreen for infants younger than 6 months.
  • For kiddos, I like to stick to a mineral-based sunscreen, in which the active ingredient is zinc oxide. Favorite brands include the Honest Company, Blue Lizard Baby, and Badger Baby.  
  • Sunscreen sticks are also great for the face, especially for those squirmy toddlers, and doesn’t drip into the eyes. Babyganics, Badger, and California Baby all make sunscreen sticks that are mineral based.
  • I personally use Jan Marini Physical Protectant Broad Spectrum SPF 45 sunscreen every day. Not only does it provide mineral-based broad spectrum coverage, it’s a tinted sunscreen so you don’t get that chalky white veil. It’s also great for those light make-up days; I just throw it on and go. We do carry this in the office, so stop by if you want to pick one up.
  • If you are using a sunscreen spray, make sure you are not standing downwind, or the sunscreen gets blown away. Be sure to rub it in to ensure an even application.
  • Most importantly, remember to reapply! Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 1.5 - 2 hours or immediately after swimming.

Wide-brimmed Hat

  • Look for at least a 3” to 4” brim to adequately shade face, ears, and even chest
  • Baseball cap and visors do not offer enough coverage and also do not protect the ears.

Swim Shirts and Swim Tights

  • Also known as rash guards. Swim shirts are a great option for kids so you don’t have to chase them down to reapply multiple times. Make sure they are made from sun protective material that is UPF 50 or higher.
  • Land’s End (, UV Skinz (, and Coolibar ( all make quality rash guards that are also cute.
  • I put my kids in swim tights as well. Love the ones from 

Sun Shelter

  • I use a pop up beach cabana every time we go to the beach. Convenient and packs down easily. There are several options online.
  • Especially important if you are out during peak sun intensity hours between 11 am – 3 pm.
  • Just as sunscreen is important for the skin, sunglasses act as sunscreen for the eyes. Long-term sun exposure can accelerate the development of cataracts, and exposure to strong sun can even burn the cornea. 
  • Look for sunglasses that have the UV 100% sticker.
  • Does not need to be expensive!