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For Teens

Teens face unique challenges when it comes to their skin. The hormonal changes taking place in their body can wreak havoc on skin, contributing to outbreaks of severe acne on the face, back, or other areas. Only a highly trained dermatologist like Dr. Rebecca Lu can most effectively treat acne at its source and help prevent it from coming back. At EliteSkinMD, we offer the latest skincare treatments for acne that will minimize or eliminate scarring, as well.

Our treatments for teens include:

  • Skin care products featuring our own line of acne treatments:
    • Acne Clearing Kit – comprehensive 4-step system to reduce breakouts and improve complexion
    • Gly-Sal Acne Body Spray – for those areas that are hard to reach
    • Clay Mint Mask – draw out impurities for clearer skin
    • Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Medicated Cleanser – gentle but effective cleanser that reduces P.acnes bacteria in the skin for a clearer complexion
  • Acne treatments
  • Acne scarring treatments including laser therapy

To learn more about effective treatments for teenage skin by a top Warren, New Jersey dermatologist, call Elite SkinMD at (908) 787-8088 or request an appointment online.